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Why work with us


Because we believe in our people, our planet and prosperity. That with the right support and passion, can be turned into purpose . And that money is really nothing if it cannot bring about the positive change the world so needs. If you believe this too then the question should really be, why not?

Why Nedbank

It would be hard for us to talk about ourselves without money. So here we go. Money may be our backbone, but excellence is our culture. And diversity, our true driving force. We believe in creating a working environment that enables our people to help us bring our values to life. And to do so, we don’t just aim to acknowledge our differences but to celebrate them as the very mix we need to continue being the difference that enhances lives beyond banking. For this reason, our people are very important to us…

Every single one of them in the financial, technological, legal, administrative, creative, hospitality or operational space. Each one of them, is our mirror. They are our reason to want to do better. And our reminder that we are in the service of others. Nedbank’s culture is embedded on values that promote accountability, a strong focus on meeting client needs, and on building a positive brand image.

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