2022 Internship Programme for unemployed graduates

2022 Internship Programme for unemployed graduates
The South African Council for Social Service Professions (SACSSP) invitesunemployed graduates to apply fora 12months internship programme in the following areas:
Area : Registrations ;
Minimum Qualification: Bachelor of Social Work; Diploma/Degree in Child and Youth Care
Ref-no : REG/03/22.
Area : Professional Conduct
Minimum Qualification : Paralegal/Diploma in LAW/LLB/Bachelor of Social Work/Diploma or Degree in Child and Youth Care
Ref-no : PROFCON/03/22
Area : Finance
Minimum Qualification : Diploma/Degree in Financial Management
Ref-no : FIN/03/22
Area : Education,Training and Development
Minimum Qualification : Bachelor of Social Work/Diploma or Degree in Child and Youth Care
Ref-no: ETD/03/22
Area : Information Technology
Minimum Qualification : Diploma/Degree in Information Technology
Ref-no : IT/03/22
Area : Communications and Public Relations
Minimum Qualification : Diploma/ Degreein Communications and Public Relations
Ref-no : CPR/03/22

South African Citizens, Unemployed Graduates and the Minimum Qualification(s) as indicated above.
Interested applicants must complete the prescribed Application for Employment Form (obtainable from SACCSP website) and indicate the reference number.
Prospective applicants are encouraged to visit our website and study the Social Service Professions Act. 110 of 1978, rules and regulations and other related documents to understand the mandate of the SACSSP before submitting their applications.
Please note: People with disability are encouraged to apply.
Interested applicants may forward their detailed CVs with certified copies of qualifications to zamab@sacssp.co.za

Closing date: 16 March 2022 at 16h00. No late applications will be considered.
Enquiries: Ms. Albertinah Thabethe: 012 356 8322

NB. All placements are based in Pretoria. Correspondence will be limited to short-listed candidates only. If you have not been contacted within a month from the closing date, please accept that your application has been unsuccessful. The SACSSP reserves the right to implement the internship programme.
The SACSSP does not promote the employment of family, friends and relatives as stipulated in the HR Policy; it discouragessuch practices and promotes fair recruitment and selection process.

TheSouthAfrican Council for SocialServiceProfessions (SACSSP) is a statutory body established in terms of section 2 of the Social Service Professions Act No. 110 of 1978. The SACSSP has two professional boards under its auspices: the Professional Board for Social Work and the Professional Board for Child and Youth Care Work. The SACSSP, in conjunction with its two professional boards, guides and regulates the professions of social work, social auxiliary work and child and youth care work in aspects pertaining to registration, education and training and professional conduct. The SACS SPhas the obl igation to protect the integrity of the social service professions within which professional are boards are established and the interestof the public, in particular social services beneficiaries. In order to safeguard the public and indirectly the professions, it is a prerequisite for a person to register with the SACSSP prior to practicing any of the three professions for which professional boards have been established. Practicing without registration with the SACSSP is a criminal offence and on conviction a person may be liable to a fine or to imprisonment for a period not exceeding six months.

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