Insurance tops the list as the most profitable niche for AdSense. Companies and agents operating in the insurance industry will most likely pay more money for ads and this is because they can generate a massive return on investment (ROI) for each ad click that translates into a sale.

Bloggers and websites can take advantage of content opportunities in the insurance industry. They can discuss topics such as

  • Health insurance
  • Automobile insurance
  • Life insurance
  • Travel insurance
  • Pet insurance
  • Home insurance and more

The insurance industry also leads AdSense arbitrage in other regions, including the UK, Australia, and Canada.

In the UK, the average CPC cost for

  • Public liability insurance is $40.94
  • Life insurance is $50.20
  • Landlord insurance stands at $20.52
  • Car insurance is $9.34

In Australia, the average CPCs for these keywords are

  • Health insurance, $42.33
  • Life insurance, $74.28
  • Car insurance, $17.17
  • House insurance, $20.00

Canada has a similar experience. The average CPCs are

  • Home insurance, $31.80
  • Car insurance, $37.37
  • Liability insurance, $14.91

High Paying Keywords for Insurance

The best paying keywords in the insurance niche involves a healthy mix of keywords with

  • Keywords with high CPC
  • Keywords with high search volumes

Bloggers should consider including a blend of these keyword categories in their blog posts.

Let us take a look at some of the expensive insurance related keywords in the US.

  • Geico insurance has a CPC of $52.82
  • Instant auto insurance quote has a CPC of $89.27
  • Get auto insurance online has a CPC of $90.02
  • Purchase auto insurance online earns a CPC of $91.75
  • Auto insurance quotes online has a CPC of $82.37

Some of the most popular insurance-related keywords in the US includes

  • Farmers Insurance with monthly search volumes of 450,000
  • Farm insurance with a monthly search volume of 450,000
  • Car insurance earns 368,000 searches every month
  • Travel insurance has a monthly search of 368,000
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