The legal niche is another goldmine for AdSense arbitrage. Legal services are essential for businesses and individuals. Whether you want to register a new business, write a will, sell a property, or resolve conflicts, you need legal advice.

Consulting and legal services offered by law firms and attorneys do not come cheap. Lawyers and attorneys pay more for ads, thereby making it one of the top-paying AdSense niches.

Legal bloggers can focus on quality posts that offer legal advice. They can explore topics such as

  • Advice on specific law practice areas such as business law, injury or insurance law, divorce, and child supportStep by step guides explaining what individuals should do when they have legal issuesRecent changes in legislation and legal processesCommentary and breakdown of trending and high profile legal casesTechnological advancements in the legal industryAdvice to lawyers fresh out of law schoolUpcoming legal events and more

Average CPC / PPC Costs for Legal

From the SEMRush data, the average CPC cost for the legal niche in the US is $8.68. Canada has an average CPC cost of $4.25.

Australia has an average CPC of $2.19 while the UK PPC cost stands at $1.98.

High Paying Keywords for Legal

Based on data for Moz keyword research tool, we will highlight some of the high paying keywords available for this niche.

  • Traductor (Legal translator) has a monthly search volume of 4,441,481 searchesAttorney – monthly search volume of 84,997 searchesLawyer – monthly search volume of 72,682Judge – search volume of 46,180 per month.Barrister has a monthly search volume of 30,313 searchesProsecutor has a monthly search volume of 30,455 searches.

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