Automobile Dealership

Automobile Dealership

The automobile industry is one of the world’s largest and wealthiest sectors of the global economy. Statistics reveal that the industry will hit $9 trillion by 2030.

Major players in the industry include companies involved in the design, manufacturing, and selling of cars. Also, after-sales support and part manufacturers are key success drivers in the industry.

Furthermore, automobile dealerships are the connecting piece between manufacturers and car buyers. They sell new and used vehicles to meet customer needs. Dealerships enjoy profits from sales and after-sales services.

Although very few sales happen online, online ads can drive offline conversions.

Car companies invest lots of money on advertisements. Therefore, this niche is profitable for AdSense arbitrage.

Hot blog topics in this niche include

  • Feature by feature comparison of cars
  • Car upgrades by year added features and benefits
  • Vehicle repairs and maintenance tips
  • Car and driving safety tips
  • Vehicle parts and functions
  • Car insurance policies
  • Local driving laws and tax laws
  • Features to look out for before buying a vehicle

Average CPC / PPC Costs for Automobile Dealership

Again data from SEMRush reveals that the average CPC for automobile dealerships in the US is $4.82. Canada has an average CPC of $3.18.

High Paying Keywords for Automobile Dealership

Moz keyword research tool shows that the top-performing keywords in the US include

  • Cargurus – 2,671,986 searches every month
  • Autotrader – 2,494,726 searches every month
  • Carmax – 1,936,982 searches every month
  • Carvana – 1,622,052 searches monthly
  • Car guru – 686,294 searches every month
  • Used cars – 556,941 searches every month.
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