Online Banking

Online Banking

The wave of technology and innovation is impacting financial institutions. Banks are investing more money in online and digital banking solutions. Customers are now banking and managing their finances from the comfort of their sofa.

They can pay bills, transfer funds, and manage transactions on their devices. While banks are closing in on the opportunities in the digital payment space, fintech companies are also enjoying a fair share of the market.

The competition in the online banking space makes it a viable niche for AdSense arbitrage.

Some of the ideas for bloggers in this space include

  • Online banking strategies and investment
  • The future of digital payments
  • Online payment solutions
  • Innovations in the online banking sector
  • Digital banking trends in the year 2020
  • The role of ATMs in the digital banking era
  • Online banking and its role in personal financial management
  • Tips for safe and secure online banking
  • Role of digital payments in driving business growth and more

Average CPC / PPC Costs for Online Banking

According to SEMRush data, the average CPC for the online banking niche in the US is $8.86. In Australia, the PPC cost is $6.24. The UK has a PPC cost of $3.57 while Canada has $4.25.

High Paying Keywords for Online Banking

Moz Keyword Explorer reveals the online banking related keywords with the highest search volumes in the US. They include:

  • Paypal login – 1,324,668 searches
  • Paypal – 14,568,435 searches
  • Google Wallet – 192,440 searches
  • Online banking – 191,674 searches
  • Apple Pay – 196,855 searches
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