AssistanceGeneral worker


REFS NO: SBAH 052/2022 (X5
Directorate: Nursing
SALARY : R147 459 per annum, plus benefits
CENTRE : Steve Biko Academic Hospital

REQUIREMENTS : Grade 12 or equivalent. Must be able to read and write. Minimum cleaning
experience of 2 years in the hospital. Must be able to cope with the physical

demands of the position. Be able to work in a team and under pressure. Good
interpersonal relation and communication skills. Shift work post and will be
expected to work after hours, night duty, weekends and public holidays.

DUTIES : Supervise the work of Household Workers and ensure that a high standard of
cleanliness is attained in the wards, and delegate duties for Household Worker,
control on/off register, leave forms and evaluate performance of household

workers according to PMDS. Supervise serving of meals, tea, coffee and water
to the containers, clean /dirty linen, removal of medical and general waste from
the ward. Report on broken/missing items and send for repair or service. Help

with asset management. See that linen when necessary. Adhere to safety
regulations. Perform duties as required per Job Description, work schedule and
delegated duties by Operational Manager.

ENQUIRIES : Ms A.M Mowayo Tel No: 012 354 1300
APPLICATIONS : Steve Biko Academic Hospital, Private Bag x 169, Pretoria, 0001 or hand
delivered to Cnr Malherbe & Steve Biko Road, Main Entrance at Level 3.

NOTE : Applications must be submitted with a Z83 form with relevant attachments.
Steve Biko Academic Hospital is committed to the pursuit of diversity and
redress. Candidates whose appointment will promote representivity in terms of

race, disability and gender will receive preference.
CLOSING DATE : 30 June 2022

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