SALARY : R104 073 – R122 592 per annum (Level 02)
CENTRE : Amathole District, Butterworth Hospital

REQUIREMENTS : ABET level 4 or NQF level 1 to 3 with no experience. Knowledge of Food services &

food preparation, Operation of food processing equipment, Basic health & safety

measures, Health environment, Hygiene & bacterial contamination control measures.
Basic literacy, Ability to operate food

processing equipment, Measure accurately.

DUTIES : Render catering services: Follow menus and special diet plans. Prepare ingredients for

meals e.g. cleaning and cutting vegetables, prepare meat, poultry and fish.
Process/cook prepared ingredients for consumption. Serve prepared food in the relevant

crockery. Ensure that portions served are according to the stipulated dietary allowances.

Pack food delivery trolleys and deliver to relevant areas in the health institution. Ensure

that the correct meals are delivered to the correct areas in the institution. Maintain safe

and hygienic environment: Collect used cutlery and crockery from wards and other
service areas. Check that the correct number of cutlery and crockery have been returned

to the kitchen. Wash and dry used equipment, cutlery and crockery. Perform quality

checks to ensure that the cleaning process has been performed according to standard.

Pack and store clean food processing equipment. Clean the food processing area at

regular intervals during the day. Perform regular checks to establish whether safety and

sanitation standards are being adhered to. Report unhygienic and unsafe situation to
the supervisor.

ENQUIRIES : Ms P Mtshemla Tel No: 047 401 9000

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