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West Coast District
SALARY : R104 073 per annum

CENTRE : Swartland Hospital, Malmesbury

REQUIREMENTS : Minimum requirement: Basic reading and writing skills. Experience:

Appropriate experience in an industrial Food Service environment. Inherent

requirements of the job: Ability to work shifts, including weekends and public

holidays. Must be healthy and strong enough to lift heavy objects and be on

their feet the entire day. Dress according to departmental specifications and

adhere to Hospital Policy. Interpret recipes, use a scale and do basic sums.

Competencies (knowledge/skills): Knowledge of production for normal and

therapeutic diets in an industrial food service unit. Ability to correctly interpret

standardized recipes and production planning. Knowledge of hygiene,

occupational health, HACCP and safety principles. Ability to safely and

correctly handle industrial equipment. Must be able to work independently and

under pressure. Ability to communicate effectively (verbal and written) in at

least two of the three official languages of the Western Cape.

DUTIES : Pre-preparation and production of all normal and therapeutic diets. Weigh,

dishing up and distribution of patient food and beverages. Assist in receipt and

storage of all provisions and stock in the food service unit. Follow correct

hygiene and safety procedures within the food service unit. Follow and adhere

to elementary control measures and standard operational procedures.

Cleaning of all work areas, storage areas, utensils and equipment. Assist with

informal in-service training of new employees.

ENQUIRIES : Ms A van Breda Tel No: 022) 487-9200

APPLICATIONS : The Manager: Medical Services Swartland Hospital, Private Bag X2,

Malmesbury, 7300
FOR ATTENTION : Ms A Groenewald

NOTE : No payment of any kind is required when applying for this post.

CLOSING DATE : 28 October 2022

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