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REF NO: DSD62/02/2023HO
SALARY : R151 884 per annum (Level 04)
CENTRE : Head Office

REQUIREMENTS : Qualifications: Grade 10, 7-12 months experience in driving. Knowledge:-
Knowledge of the procedure to operate the motor vehicle e.g. procedures to

obtain trip authorities, complete the logbooks of the motor vehicle, to obtain
consumables ( e.g petrol) and obtain basic services ( e.g. fixing flat tyre);

Knowledge of the prescripts for the correct utilization of the motor vehicle e.g.
how and for what purpose can the motor vehicle be utilized, what is the

requirements for the storage of the vehicle; knowledge of the procedures to
ensure that the motor vehicle is maintain properly; Knowledge of the

procedures to perform messenger functions and routine office support

functions like registry functions and the making of photocopies; knowledge of

the Cities in which the functions will be performed. Skills Language; Writing;
Computer Literacy; Driving; Communications; Interpersonal; Planning;

DUTIES : Drive light and medium vehicles to transport passengers and deliver other
items (mail and documents) Do routine maintenance on the allocated vehicle

and report defects timely; complete all the required and prescribed records and
logs books with regard to the vehicle and goods handled. Render a clerical

support/ messenger service in the office.
ENQUIRIES : Mr KC Kheswa Tel No: 033 264 5406


SALARY : R181 599 per annum (Level 05)
CENTRE : Head Office

REQUIREMENTS : Qualifications: Grade 12/ Senior Certificate. Knowledge: Constitution of the

Republic of South Africa, Public Service Act, Public Service Regulations, Basic
Conditions of Employment Act, Service Delivery Framework, Archives Act,

Promotion of Access to Information, Records Management Prescripts. Skills:
Computer literacy, Writing, Numeracy, Language, Communication;

Interpersonal relations; Organizing.
DUTIES : Provide registry counter services, Handle incoming and outgoing
correspondence, Provide and effective

filing and record management service,
Operate office machines in relation to the registry function, Process documents
for archiving and/disposal.

ENQUIRIES : Mr KC Kheswa Tel No: 033 264 5406

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