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Site Services Administrator Sasol

Site Services Administrator Sasol

Posting Date: December 14, 2023
Location: Temane, I, MZ
Company: Sasol

Purpose of Job:

The primary purpose of the Site Services Administrator position is to provide crucial administrative support to the Site Services team at Sasol. This support is essential to ensure effective and cost-efficient delivery of services in compliance with legal and safety standards, as well as contractual terms and conditions. The role emphasizes service centricity and an optimal end-user experience.

Key Accountabilities / Recruitment Description:

  1. SAP Transactional Support, Documentation Archiving, and Control, and Planning and Coordination Support:
    • Provide support in SAP transactions.
    • Manage documentation archiving and control processes.
    • Assist in planning and coordination activities.
  2. Travel Arrangements, Issue and Complaints Resolution Support:
    • Facilitate travel arrangements.
    • Address and resolve issues and complaints.
  3. NRC Property Management Support, Lease Agreement Administration, and End User Education:
    • Support NRC property management.
    • Administer lease agreements.
    • Provide end-user education.
  4. Contract Application Support, Extract Maximum Benefit from Contractual Terms and Conditions:
    • Assist in contract application processes.
    • Ensure maximum benefit extraction from contractual terms and conditions.
  5. Support with Safety, Quality, and Cost Control, as well as Assurance Verification:
    • Collaborate on safety, quality, and cost control initiatives.
    • Verify assurance processes.
  6. Support with Preparation of Annual OPEX/CAPEX Budgets and Invoice Verification Support:
    • Assist in preparing annual OPEX/CAPEX budgets.
    • Verify invoices.
  7. Interface Management with End Users, Residents, Stakeholders, and Service Providers, Enable Operational and Business Rhythm:
    • Manage interfaces with end-users, residents, stakeholders, and service providers.
    • Facilitate operational and business rhythm.
  8. Support with Application of SHE Procedures and Standards:
    • Support the application of Safety, Health, and Environmental (SHE) procedures and standards.
  9. Support in Compliance with Integrated SHE Management System Requirements:
    • Ensure compliance with Integrated SHE Management System requirements.
  10. Training, Coaching, and Mentoring of Self Own Legal Compliance and Fatigue Management:
    • Provide training, coaching, and mentoring on legal compliance and fatigue management.
  11. Networking and Relationships Internally and Externally in order to Achieve Mutual Objectives:
    • Build and maintain networks and relationships internally and externally.
  12. Readily Share Information and Knowledge with Leadership and Peers:
    • Actively share information and knowledge with leadership and peers.

Formal Education:

High School / School Diploma or similar

Minimum Experience:
3+ relevant years

Professional Membership:
Not specified

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