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This Department is an Equal Opportunity Affirmative Action Employer. It is our intention to promote.

representivity (race, gender and disability) in the Department through the filling of these posts and
candidates whose

transfer/promotion/appointment will promote representivity will receive preference. An

indication in this regard will facilitate the processing of applications.
APPLICATIONS : The Head of Department, Department of Community Safety and Transport

Management, Private Bag X19, Mmabatho, 2735 Office No. 105, 1st Floor,
Tirelo Building, Cnr Albert Luthuli Drive and Dr. James Moroka Drive, for

Attention Kegomoditswe Makaota. Applications may be emailed to

CLOSING DATE : 10 February 2023 at 15H30

NOTE : Compliance Note: Applications must be submitted on the improved Z83,
approved to be utilized with effect 01 January 2021, which must be fully

completed and compulsory to be signed and dated. Should the applicant/s use
incorrect application form for employment (Z83), the application/s will not be

considered for selection purposes (disqualified).The Z83 must be
accompanied by detailed Curriculum Vitae with at least three (3) names of

referees with current contact details. Subjects of relevant qualification/s should
be mentioned in the CV. Applicants are requested to complete the Z83 form

properly and in full. Sections A, B, C and D are compulsory, and Sections E, F
and G do not need to be completed if a detailed CV covering the Sections

mentioned is attached, however question related to conditions that prevent re-
appointment under Part F is compulsory. Applicants are not submitting

copies//proof/certificates/attachments/drivers licence/qualifications on
application, only shortlisted candidates for the post will be required to submit

certified documents on or before the day of the interviews. The employment
application form (Z83) is obtainable at any National or Provincial Department,

and it is accessible on the DPSA web-site, to submit
or comply with the requested documents will result in the application not being

considered. Should the applicant fail to submit or not comply with the requested
documents, or not meet minimum requirements of the job as per the post

advertised, this will result in the employment application not being considered.

Qualifications of shortlisted candidates will be verified with SAQA. Candidates
must indicate the number of the post/reference number in their applications.

Candidates requiring additional information regarding an advertised post must
direct their queries to the person reflected as enquiries below the post applied

for. Applications should be forwarded in time to the department since
applications received after the closing date indicated below will as a rule not

be accepted. Emailed applications will be accepted. It will be expected of
candidates to be available for selection interviews on a date, time and place as

determined by the Department. The Department reserves the right not to make
appointments and correspondence will be limited to shortlisted candidates

only. Personnel suitability check records will be verified. Applicants must
disclose if she/he is not a Director/Shareholder of a company or conducting

any Business with organ of State. They must also disclose or inform whether
he/she is performing any additional

remunerative work outside his /her normal
duties. All appointments are subjected to a positive qualifications verification
as well as security clearance and vetting. SMS appointments are also

subjected to SMS competency assessment as a DPSA requirement. All
shortlisted candidates for SMS posts and positions with requisite skills will be

subjected to a technical exercise that intends to test relevant technical
elements of the job. Appoint applicants who do not possess SMS Pre-Entry

Certificate shall be considered for shortlisting and interviews, but cannot before
they successfully obtain the certificate. The National School of government

offers (SMS Pre-Entry Programme), information can be accessed via this link: The appointee to SMS post must be in possession
of such, prior to taking up the post.

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