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CLOSING DATE : 04 November 2022

NOTE : Applications must be sent to the correct address specified at the bottom of each

position, on or before the closing date; submitted on the new Application for
Employment Form (Z.83), obtainable at; accompanied by a
comprehensive CV only, citing the start and end date (dd/mm/yr) of each

employment period to be considered, including the details of at least two
contactable employment references (as

recent as possible). Shortlisted
candidates will be required to submit a copy of their ID document, a valid

driver’s license (if specified as a job requirement), as well as the relevant
highest educational qualifications, on or

before the day of the interview.
Applicants who possess (a) foreign qualification(s), must also submit the

evaluated results of such qualifications, as received from the South African
Qualifications Authority (SAQA); and

limited to 2.5MB in size, if emailed
(applicants will submit only when shortlisted). Should an automated

acknowledgement of receipt not be received when an application is emailed,
this could mean that the application did

not reach the Department due to the
size of the attachments. Should this occur, kindly resend the application in 2 /

3 parts, splitting the attachments accordingly. Shortlisted Candidates will be
subjected to an interview and technical

test(s) (which test Candidates’
demonstrated professional and technical competency against the job

requirements and duties). Candidates potentially considered suitable after the
interview and technical test(s), will be

subjected to a competency assessment
(which tests the Candidates’ demonstrated proficiency in the professional

dimensions attached to the level of the post); employment suitability checks
(credit, criminal, citizenship, employment references and qualification

verifications); and will be required to complete the online “Pre-entry Certificate
to Senior Management Services” course.

The course is available at the
National School of Government (NSG), under the name “Certificate for entry

into the SMS”. Full details can be obtained via the following link: course/sms-pre-entry-programme/.

Candidates wishing to be considered for appointment, are encouraged to enrol
for this course immediately. Appointed

persons will be required to enter into an
employment contract; serve a prescribed probation period; and successfully

undergo an appropriate security clearance process within a prescribed

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